Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

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Last updated – August, 7th 2019

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These general terms and conditions of use are intended to outline the terms and conditions for use of the website nexonwork.com. By accessing the website, you expressly and unreservedly accept the conditions and undertake to respect them.


Legal information

  • The website “www.nexonwork.com” refer to the independant compagny « NEXON »
  • E-mail: contact[AT]nexonwork.com 
  • The legal owner of the website and the compagny Nexon is Mr. Loic BERNARD


Intellectual property

The Website is property of Nexon, including the Website content, text, logos, images, and other distinctive signs. You hereby undertake not to harm, directly or indirectly via the intermediary of a third party, the intellectual property rights of Nexon over the Website. You hereby refrain from reproducing any element of the website or any service, without the consent of Nexon.


Host Details

The provider providing hosting of the Site is One : https://www.one.com/


Privacy Policy

You can visit the Privacy Policy here : http://nexonwork.com/privacy-policy/


Feel free to contact us if you have any question.