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Aures - Audio book concept

▶️ Did you listen audio books ? They changed the way I read everyday. This concept present « Aures », a minimal app created for pure audio book listening.

🎧 At each shelf a new book, each book a new story to listen.

Today - Habit tracker app

🔔 Self-discipline is built on the basis of good habits.

📱 Track your habits with simplicity thanks to this modern application that adapts to the ambient luminosity of the room and offers many colored visual themes.

Lodge - Cabin & Bed

Do you want to rent a cabin to recharge your batteries in the northern regions ? 🏠

Lodge is a cabin booking application designed with minimalist design, with simplicity and elegance 🌲

Sleepy - Sleep cycle app

💤 Do you belong to those who wake up tired ?

🌙 Sleepy allows you to calculate the ideal time to wake up between two sleep cycles, avoiding a difficult awakening.

Barrel - Liquor shop

🏷️ This concept shows a strong liquor shop under a minimalist form.

🧭 The originality of the colors and shapes as well as the positioning of the buy button make it a very interesting experience.

Source - Ambience light shop

📓 Want a new interior lighting ? Decoration bulbs are trendy and in the era of time.

💡 This concept based on a dark theme offers a modern vision of a mobile shop.

Think - Reminder app concept

📝 I have always found note-taking apps too complicated in a way, so i created mine, based on my favorites apps.

I also mixed a concept of good habits.

Noted - Note-taking app concept

📘 Note-taking must be done in a simple and minimalist environment, without superfluous elements in order to preserve the essential: inspiration.

💙 Noted offers the most useful basic editing tools, as well as the ability to add a reminder or change the theme color.

Notes - Minimal note-taking app

💡 Do you like to take notes in a clear environment ?

📝 This concept brings notes-taking to another level, with simplified navigation, tag management and a easy to use mark-down editor for more speed and focus.

Arview M1 - Augmented reality concept

🔎 This concept present augmented reality glasses in a dark-blue minimalist theme.

🔈 The Arview Mark 1 brings AR to everyday life with advanced technology like voice control and built-in speaker.

Hypebag - Minimal bag shop

🧳 I created this web design by taking the standarts of some of the most popular mode sites, adding some modernism to it.

◼ The purpose of the experiment was to add a geometric touch to the whole while respecting the greatest minimalism. Simply black, grey, white.

Leon is back – Car Store

🚗 The goal of this little study was to work colors and a new type of interface, without looking at inspiration.

🖤 Colors of the car influence the interface during the slide. Each pack have colored details.

Car model is a Seat Leon 3.

Weather – Meteo Concept

☀️ Weather apps can also have smooth design and give all the information in one place !

🌦️ The lock screen gives minimal informations. A simple slide unlock the weather of the day and and give you the trend of the week.